Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.)

We can help you with the revised Colorado 811 law which took effect on August 8, 2018 (senate bill 18-167).

What does the revised law mean to you?

The law establishes an Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission tasked with recommending best practices and public safety concerning buried utilities, including reviewing complaints of violations.

The law establishes a single tiered one-call system by 2021.

The law implements a Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) ticket and requirement that certain projects be designed to the ASCE 38 standard.

KR Swerdfeger can help you with this new legislation by:

Vacuum Excavation

Providing Vacuum Excavation services in the design stage


Install test stations and catholic protection on ductile pipe

Conditional Assessment

Conditional assessment through minimally disruptive keyholing technology.