About Us

Founded in 1968, K.R. Swerdfeger Construction (KRSC) specializes in utility installation, highway, sitework, and heavy industrial applications. KRSC is committed to the safe construction, repair, and renewal of underground utilities such as natural gas distribution, electric power, sanitary and storm sewer, water, and telecommunication. For more about our capabilities, see Services above.

In July 2021, KRSC was acquired by Artera Services and joins a growing family of businesses dedicated to providing essential and critical infrastructure services across the United States. KRSC operates as part of Miller Pipeline, a leading natural gas distribution contractor founded in 1953 with operations in over 20 states and with a workforce of approximate 4,000 dedicated professionals.



Keith is the founder and Chairman of K.R. Swerdfeger Construction. He and his wife Sharon started the company in 1968. With a small bank loan and the drive for success, the young couple worked diligently at building a reputable company. Nearly 50 years later, Keith is still actively involved in the company. He believes in providing employees with a good wage and benefits to support a family and retire with a good pension. After a start in the water and sewer industry, he quickly realized that he would have to expand into gas and cable to be successful.

Today his company is sought after for the experience in all utility installation and sitework from municipal, federal and private utility owners in the region.

Industry/Community Involvement:
Keith is a civic leader believing in serving the country and community in which he lives. He has served on many boards including: State of Colorado Correctional Industries, United Way, Southern Colorado Economic Development District, Pueblo Economic Development Corporation, Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, Mountain States Employers Council, Associated General Contractors Association, Colorado Contractors Association, Distribution Contractors Association and many others. Keith was also elected and served as Colorado State Representative House District 47.



Ray is President of K.R. Swerdfeger Construction, and is responsible for the daily operation of the company while maintaining leadership, technical, and management roles in major construction projects. Ray was born into the family-owned civil construction company founded by his parents. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Colorado State University in 1994, he joined the company full time. Ray has worked as a Pipe Layer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Foreman and Estimator/Project Manager prior to being named President of the company in 2006. Ray has an extensive background in open cut and trenchless methods of rehabilitation of aging infrastructure. He has been called upon to participate in panel discussions and constructability reviews on the selection of open cut and trenchless methods including horizontal boring, tunneling, coatings, pipe bursting, pipe lining utilizing cured-in-place and fold-and-form pipe.

Industry/Community Involvement:
Actively involved in the community and the construction industry, Ray has served on many boards including: Colorado Contractors Association, Distribution Contractors Association, El Pueblo Adolescent Treatment Community and Pueblo Step-Up. Ray was President of the Colorado Contractors Association in 2013.