A variety of options to suit all your needs


K.R. Swerdfeger Construction has extensive experience in a wide range of trenchless technologies, including structural rehabilitation and renewal of pipelines, manholes, tanks and other deteriorated surfaces by use of epoxy coatings.

Offering a variety of options to suit all concerns, applications and environments, these epoxies have been tested and proven in some of the harshest corrosive and chemical conditions.

Warren Environmental
S301-14 Single Coat Spray System – This full viscosity (non NSF) coating adheres to a variety of substrates and offers excellent cured properties in high humidity and/or low temperatures. 0% VOCs – 100% solids. Water and chemical resistant. Allows for a thick build on wet or dry surfaces in a single coat. Safe for aquatic life (ASTEM E729).

S301-15 Primer System – A low viscosity system that penetrates damp concrete surfaces with no fillers needed. Both water and chemical resistant. 0% VOCs – 100% solids with excellent, ambient cure in all humidities and temperatures.

301-16 Top Coat System – Low viscosity (non NSF) with a high-gloss finish and excellent fast-cure properties in both low temperature and or high humidity environments. This system is formulated with additives and modifiers to enhance bond strength on a variety of substrates, as well as its own internal strength. Water and chemical resistant.

301-18 Trowel-On Mastic System – Designed to be applied to a clean surface that are free of standing water. Allows for a 3/4 inch high-build thicknesses on vertical surfaces without sag. Highly thixotropic, non NSF, 0% VOCs. Ambient cure in low temperatures and high humidity.

Quadex Aluminaliner
Quadex Aluminaliner is a fiber reinforced, 100% calcium aluminate mortar designed to protect against hydrogen sulfide gas, add structural integrity and stop infiltration. Quadex coating is recommended for vertical and overhead repairs to concrete or masonry sewer structures such as manholes, wetwells, pipe and treatment plant structures where corrosion is a problem. It offers uniformed results, low permeability, plus compression, flexural and bond strength. It has an excellent freeze/thaw and abrasion resistance.

Raven 405 is a solvent-free 100% solids, ultra high build epoxy coating with high physical strength and a broad range of chemical resistance. 405 exhibits superior bond to concrete, steel, masonry, fiberglass and other surfaces. It is formulated to provide structural renewal for severely deteriorated wastewater infrastructure. Designed for operating temperatures up to 200°F, 405’s unique ultra high-build ability allows it to be spray-applied on vertical and overhead surfaces. The surface tolerance and high physical strengths of 405 allow it to be designed as a structural lining in manholes, pipelines, tanks and other deteriorated structures.

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